If you took a break from selling last year and you’re ready to try again, or if your home is still for sale and you’d like to refresh your marketing, this week’s blog is for you.

We’ve all said at some point that a change is as good as a rest, and whether it’s switching careers or changing a routine, doing things differently is the route to new results. And when it comes to selling your home, nothing could be more true.

Changing the appearance of your property doesn’t have to be costly or disruptive. There are many ways of creating a new look with surprisingly little effort, often by using furniture and accessories that you already own. And with updated photography to capture your restyled interior, you get a second chance to catch the eye of anyone who missed you the first time around, as well as this year’s new buyers.

If you’d like to talk about getting the look of your home just right, we’re always here to help. Give us a call on 0333 0880 264 or message us at Meanwhile, let’s ring in 2022 with tips on a new-year makeover to get your move back on track.


Every room needs something for buyers to focus on to convey warmth, light or character.

Windows are an excellent example because people naturally gravitate towards them. They draw the eye to the outside, making a room feel larger and brighter (particularly when they’re clean).

Highlighting your windows could be a simple matter of opening your curtains wider with a longer pole, clearing a ledge of excess clutter, or arranging your furniture to extend the sightline.

In living rooms, televisions have become a natural focal point for everyone to gather around, but they’re not a selling point of your home.

Moving your TV may not be practical, but you can certainly diminish its presence. Try painting the wall behind in a rich colour like navy blue, deep leafy green or slate grey to help the screen blend into the background. Or add books, artwork and accessories to switch a viewer’s attention to your decor.

Fireplaces should always be accentuated. For traditional styles, it’s hard to go wrong with glamorous candlesticks, pokers, tongs, screens and a mirror over the mantlepiece. If you’ve got a modern fuel-burning stove, a pile of logs makes a splendid companion.

If you’ve got a room without a strong feature, try painting a single wall in a fashionable colour of the season or giving it a wallpaper moment.


The easiest option to change the look of your home is to use what you’ve got, but in a different way.

Very often, a striking piece of furniture like a brightly-coloured couch, a large piece of art or even an upright piano can be the thing that sticks in the minds of buyers: it’s those splashes of individuality that create unforgettable photographic moments.

Finding a new place for standout pieces can transform the way your home looks online, giving you a second chance to catch the eye of anyone who missed you the first time around.


Even in streets of similar 1930s and Victorian houses, not every room has the furniture in the same place. Moving a bed to another wall, changing the position of a couch or armchair, and relocating a sideboard or chest of drawers can all provide a valuable refresh.

Try swapping items between rooms to give them an entirely new setting: think artwork, mirrors, freestanding shelves, lamps and plants. Experiment and take snaps on your phone to see what looks good and where.


Too much furniture can block sightlines to windows, cover up floor space, and make your home look small. The trick is finding the sweet spot that allows your home to shine while remaining a comfortable place to live. Does your living room need two armchairs as well as a couch while you’re trying to sell? Do you need six chairs at the dining table, or are four enough right now?

Minor tweaks like this can make a major difference. Any excess items can go into storage (or a good friend’s garage) and be ready for collection when you move to your new home.


Most people delay replacing furniture until after moving, often because they see everyone else doing the same thing. Despite being perfectly normal, it isn’t always the best option.

New furniture can help sell your home, so if any of your existing pieces are looking tired and destined for eBay when you move, look at what you can replace now.

Whether you’re upsizing to gain more bedrooms or downsizing for less to clean, the sizes of the individual rooms between your current and future home may be quite similar. As an example, and in any given neighbourhood, the size of reception rooms in classic Victorian terraces or 1930s semis can be very similar in those with three and four bedrooms.

Have you spotted a fabulous couch, comfy armchair, or even a chandelier for your next living room? Perhaps a bed with a gorgeous headboard has caught your eye, or a beautiful print or painting. If any of them will fit in your current home, why not add their glamour to your photos and viewings?

With some smart thinking around your furniture, you’ll thank yourself on moving day. Having replaced the pieces you planned to upgrade – and with a mercifully shorter to-do list – your new home will be ready for its public appearance as soon as you move in.


As well as how your home looks, how does it sound? Not only do fabrics tie a room together through colour, pattern and texture, they also remove chilly echoes by softening the acoustics.

Introducing new textiles to your rooms can instantly restyle your existing furniture to give your home a completely new look in the photographs.

Are you keeping that stunning velvet chesterfield? Chuck a throw across it in a contrasting colour, or load it with scatter cushions – regimented sizes and designs can look very formal, so don’t be afraid to mix it up with different shapes and fabrics for a friendlier feel.

A new rug can add instant pop to a floor and even help with zoning, but consider the size of the room. Busy designs are better suited to larger areas; for smaller spaces, go for a simpler design with an interesting texture.

New, crisp bedding is a quick win. White linens go with everything – just ask the world’s best hotels – and can be paired with a sumptuous bedspread in your favourite colour for luxurious layering.

Rolled fluffy towels and hanging robes look wonderful in bathrooms – if you’ve been thinking of replacing yours, do it now to evoke a spa-like sanctuary.


It’s extraordinary how much you can transform the look and feel of a room with a few simple additions. Whatever your style, there’s stacks of inspiration out there, either online, on the high street or in magazines.

These accessories are particularly effective in photos and on viewings:

  • Floating shelves work anywhere, and they look brilliant with purposefully arranged books, small plants and picture frames.

  • Mirrors add depth, light and glamour to any space, even outdoors. We’d even recommend a mirror in every room.

  • Art helps to break up bare walls, from canvas prints and original paintings to a picture wall of elegantly framed personal photos.

  • Lighting sets the mood, particularly for winter viewings. As well as ceiling pendants, think about table and floor lamps, and remember to use bulbs that have a soft, warm glow.
  • Posh soaps and dispensers add luxury touches to bathrooms, along with teak bath shelves and amber glass medicine bottles. Hide any non-designer products in a cabinet.

Look in each of your rooms for opportunities to add final finishing touches. Small gestures go a long way in creating a thoughtful and welcoming atmosphere.

Final words

Restyling your home can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience that gives a new lease of life to items you already own, steps up your moving preparations, and finds you the perfect buyer. And with the January sales in full swing, there’s plenty of bargains and retail therapy to be had.

We’ve helped many sellers in Hindhead, Haslemere or Liphook to get their property looking just right, and we’d love to help you too. Call us on 0333 0880 264 or drop us a line at  for some expert presentation tips to get your move underway.

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